A New Way to Leave Your Legacy

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like rules. However, some rules exist to protect us, which even a hard core rule breaker like myself can easily see. Consider traffic laws, for example. They’re designed to promote consistent traffic flow while reducing accidents.

When everybody understands how a four-way stop works, expectations follow. We learn how to conduct ourselves properly and anticipate how others will behave. Good stuff, right?

Likewise, school curriculum nurtures expectations—expectations regarding skills that are culturally valued. Our schools promote a model of success in our society.

But do our institutions do enough to prepare us to make it through failure with grace? Particularly in the middle and upper strata of our society, I don’t think we’re really taught how to deal with failure. There’s such a focus on success that many of us have developed aversions to crisis and conflict.

So how can we prepare for adversity? Since our culture is built around success and we’re largely taught to avoid failure, how do we learn to overcome it?

This is where conscious awareness comes in. This is where seeing your future clearly helps.

As a parent, there are awesome ways to be aware of what you’re passing on to your kids and how you’re doing it, especially when it comes to models of success and failure.

Unfortunately, a lot of parents simply don’t consider what they’re handing down to the next generation, beyond thinking about how much money they’ll leave behind.

I have made it part of our mission to support the minority of parents who understand there’s a much bigger consideration here.

I believe that the most important part of parenting is you. It’s who you are to your kids. Your morals, hopes, and dreams.

THIS is why, at our firm, we don’t just focus on passing on your money through estate planning, but have a process of passing on your whole Family Wealth (intellectual, spiritual and human assets in addition to money) into the legal life planning process. Through doing so, we help you consciously pass on what you really want to pass on.