Custody and co-parenting with someone that you may not be getting along with can be complicated and difficult during and after the divorce process. The courts are concerned with the best interests of the child, not the disagreements of the parents. So, how do you work things out when you’re angry at your child’s other parent? How do you fight for your rights as a parent without letting it impact your child in a negative way? At our firm, we resolve these difficult issues with our clients every single day.

Our legal team provides compassion, perspective, and solutions, backed by effective courtroom advocacy if you truly reach an impasse. We handle all facets of Arizona child custody law, representing parents all over Arizona.

Physical custody and legal custody are two separate issues that are often thought of as one. We will walk you through what your rights are under the law and how a judge is likely to rule if custody is contested. We are always up front with our clients about the realities of Arizona law, which lean toward 50/50 or almost equal parenting time. In fact, since 2013, there is a legal presumption of equal parenting time unless either (1) the parents agree to a standard visitation or (2) one parent can justify sole custody.