Guardian Nomination WorkshopMost parents know they need to name legal guardians for their minor children, but they may not know how to go about it, or they may just never get around to it.

Each participant in this complimentary workshop leaves with fully executed documents naming legal guardians for their minor children – plus a free gift.

This workshop is perfect for fund-raisers.

Who Will Take Care of Your Kids if Something Happens to You?

It’s very likely that you are one of the 69% of parents who have not yet named legal guardians for their kids.

Or maybe you have named legal guardians, but you’ve made one or more of the common mistakes that almost every parent makes when naming guardians, even if they’ve worked with a lawyer.

In this educational, informative, and empowering class for parents with children at home, local mom and attorney Amie Mendoza will cover what you need to know about making sure your kids are taken care of by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what. Amie will guide you to take charge and ensure you have done the right thing by your family.

During this no-charge class, you will discover:

  • The 6 most common mistakes parents make when naming guardians, even when working with a lawyer — and how to avoid or fix them.
  • How to choose the right guardians for your children and make sure your children are never taken from your home or placed with strangers if something happens to you.
  • How to make sure your assets are immediately and privately available to the people you’ve named to care for your children.
  • Why a Will alone is simply not enough to make sure your kids are taken care of the way you want, by the people you want, no matter what.

Seating is limited so that Amie can give everyone individualized attention, advice, and counsel. By the end of the workshop each parent will have completed and fully executed documents naming legal guardians for their minor children.

To book Amie for a Guardian Nomination Workshop please call, email, or contact us now.

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Here’s what others have said about this workshop!

Very helpful, thank you! Both with filling out the guardianship paperwork, and what to consider.
– Inna and Allen

This workshop was very informative and answered all of my questions.
– Melissa

Very helpful and informative. It’s reassuring to have options explained clearly so that this important plan can be made. Extremely personable!
– Felicia

Loved all the tips & advice! Thank you for making it personal!
– Rebekah

Learned a lot of info today. Gave me plenty to think about in the future. Very important to make sure family is taken care of in case of something tragic happening.
– Cameron

Great workshop! Very informative and thought provoking
– Desmond and Shalmeka

Excellent workshop. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about these important things that we need to be aware of as parents! I feel so much security in knowing what to do and how to ensure my two precious babies are completely taken care of in the event of a tragedy. Thank you.
– Katherine

Exceptionally helpful – great concise overview & to think of the families at (our company) to set up this seminar speaks to how passionate you are about what you do!
– Daniele

Very informative and appreciated!
– Brian

Thank you. I love the emphasis on service.
– Tamara

The presentation on estate planning and guardianship by the Law Offices of Amie Mendoza, PLLC, was very informative and presented the information in a clear and concise manner. She dealt with subjects that can be uncomfortable for many in a very relaxed, pressure free environment.
– Reginald and Erica

Very supportive and informative. Provided clear insight and unique alternatives to help me protect my family in the case of an emergency.
– Alexus