Meet Our Team

IMG_6300In the tech industry, Amie didn’t feel like the work she was doing was making enough of a difference, and she felt like she was meant for something more. She went to law school with huge and undefined aspirations – she wanted to help people. She figured out that helping families and entrepreneurs set a solid legal foundation was the type of work that was incredibly rewarding to her. It felt good. Then, her world came crashing down. In her first year of law school, she was diagnosed with cancer….[Read More]


BariSince 2005 (and after 20 years as a practicing attorney and civil litigator), Bari has been developing expertise in trust funding by working with estate planning attorneys and their clients across the United States.  Now, as Funding Coordinator for the firm, Bari helps review and organize clients’ asset information, and she works closely with Amie and her clients to ensure that their trusts are properly funded so their estate plans will work as intended when the time comes.


LaneyLaney has over 15 years experience in the estate planning industry. After managing an estate planning law firm for 12 years, she continued on to train law firm teams across the country in estate planning processes, hiring and team building, and she started two successful businesses. She has provided back office trust drafting services to attorneys for over 5 years. In addition, she co-authored Don’t Be a Yes Chick and is the co-founder of The Ultimate Smart Solution, LLC teaching team members how to support an entrepreneur.


Louisa is a customer service expert with a proven track record of helping clients achieve their goals for more than 20 years. She specializes in listening to a client’s needs and providing a supportive environment for accomplishing a shared goal. Louisa’s exemplary customer focus has allowed her to work on a wide scale of projects ranging from customized support for individual clients in the security and home automation industry as well as special international projects for corporate clients in the banking industry. She offers the same level of superior service to all clients no matter the circumstance. Louisa always welcomes a challenge and thrives in an environment where she can create structure and organization. Her love of genealogy and family history provide her a unique viewpoint for assisting clients with Family Legacy Planning. Louisa has also been a small business owner herself, which allows her to understand the challenges and benefits of creating one’s own wealth and success.